Here are few of the kind things our vendors have had to say: 

Forever grateful to platforms like Clover Market that have helped me to grow over the years. Doing craft shows has probably been the most important thing for my business that I have ever done because I have met the customers that have shared my business with others. Word of mouth is CRITICAL. Literally pounding the pavement:) For us craft show vendors, it's tough (especially on those rainy and windy days!) but it truly pays off in the end. Thank you everyone at Clover for the support!

-- Libby Diament, Diament Jewelry

I have been a vendor at Clover Market nearly since the start (fall season of their inaugural year in 2010) and have enjoyed watching it bloom from its' humble beginnings to being the gold standard of well-marketed and superbly-run markets with outstanding vendors. During this time I have watched my own business grow and I owe much of it to the exposure that Clover has provided for me and the loyal customers that I have made at their shows.  I always put in the extra EXTRA effort when preparing for a Clover show- the bar is that high. Most importantly, I have forged invaluable friendships that allow me to continue to develop my business and have helped me to learn that we are all in this together. I cherish this market and Janet Long! 

--Susan Forker, joeyfivecents

Clover Market has given me an opportunity as a small business owner to take a step to venture out and make my business come to life. It has allowed me the opportunity to reach my customers directly, face to face. It has allowed for that connection that you cannot receive through online sales. It let's your customer see who you are, what you are all about, and defines to them a reason why they want to purchase from and support you.  It also provides a place of meeting, not only for family, friends, and shoppers, but for fellow small business owners to meet and build support systems. All in all, it promotes a positive environment for everyone involved, and at the end of the day it's just a fun way to spend your Sunday!

--Melissa Yerkes, Little Red Vintage

For me, Clover Market is the best Philadelphia outdoor market with its perfect balance of home, craft and antiques. The staff is among the happiest and most helpful people and it is obvious that the priority is for everyone to be successful. Clover Market has increased my customer base significantly, pushes me to keep moving forward with new ideas and projects. I look forward to each market like a much-anticipated gathering of friends.

--Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert, Sardine Clothing Company 

I think one of the best things about the Clover Market is the fact that it is well publicized and marketed.  As a vendor, you definitely want people to know where you are.  The locations are wonderful, we are in communities that are interested in our products.  The assembly of vendors is incredibly important and you have done a wonderful job in curating all of us.  We cannot say enough how privileged we feel to be a part of this market and look forward to hopefully being selected every season.

--Jen Nool, Picked Vintage

What I find impressive about Clover is your ability to keep it fantastic! You and I have watched many shows start, and dissolve. You keep it very organized and diverse. To watch a market like this grow that you created 6 years ago is something to be proud of. I personally enjoy seeing my customers go on the road. They get a chance to see different items, and meet great people and the vendor lines that I carry in the store. I feel very lucky to be a regular vendor.

--Lisa Vonderstruck, Brandywine View Antiques

Being a part of Clover Market has meant everything to my business.  Less than a year ago I officially started croi+anam and the official start was the first Clover Market of fall 2014.  My experience at both locations has been awesome, not only selling at the market (which has been great!) but meeting people whose local stores now or will soon stock my merchandise. Because of Clover Market I am now working with a Bryn Mawr furniture designer weaving fabric for one of her new furniture lines.  I met her at a Clover Market.  I just met another designer this past Sunday. Clover Market is the gold standard for markets.  Incredibly well-run, with tons of great people, both vendors and customers.  This is the kind of market that all should aspire to be like.  I am so thankful to be a part of the Market! 

--Suzanne Clune, croí+anam

Janet's keen curatorial eye and no-nonsense organizational style has enabled her to build a loyal following among shoppers and vendors alike - all appreciative of the certainty that they will attend a well run event with something for all who attend; be it an unexpected vintage treasure, and beautiful handmade item, or, as a vendor, an enthusiastic crowd that looks forward to every Clover Market.

-- Sara Hull and Phil Miner, Rocks and Salt

Thank you for another successful Clover Market! Clover Market is a friendly and smoothly run event. Vendors, customers and promoter and staff are all very supportive, respectful and enthusiastic toward the efforts we make to present a good show and to benefit the community.  Cheers, and happy treasure hunting!

--Robert Price, Assemblage 333

I average 75-82 shows a year and the few shows I did with you yielded the most committed and interested buyers.  My "Clover" people reach out constantly asking me when I will be back!  Any promoter can book booth, most can get people to show up, but you do an excellent job bringing buyers.  Doing as many shows as I do I can tell you this is not the norm.  You get the big picture.  It's not just filling a booth.  It's filling that booth with high quality dealers, which yields high quality buyers.  Go Clover!  

-- Selena Braunstein, Creatively Obsessed

We began participating as a vendor at Clover Market a year ago, and since we have sold ice cream at nine markets with many more to come. Each season we eagerly anticipate the line-up. Janet and her team do an incredible job curating a beautiful and engaging menagerie of vendors. Furthermore, their day-of direction is organized and focused, creating a bustling and friendly festival environment. The Clover team does what can so rarely be done in creating a community experience that brings volumes of happiness to customers, artists, and food vendors alike. 

--Andy Satinsky, Weckerly’s Ice Cream

Clover Market has been a key component in my small business's success. This is my third year selling my handmade jewelry at Clover Market, and since I began, I have been able to sell my designs to Urban Outfitters, and at other well-known handmade events, like Unique USA. My experience selling at Clover Market has been a phenomenal resource to learn what my customers want; by interacting with them directly at an event, I am able to hear their feedback - compliments, suggestions and otherwise. This has helped me grow exponentially. 

The community of people at Clover Market is not like any other handmade or vintage event. It's extra-supportive, extra-friendly, and extra-fun! Janet Long's upbeat personality and calming demeanor facilitates the event to run so smoothly. Janet helps create lasting bonds between her vendors, vendor and customer, as well as the wonderful friendships vendors have formed with Janet. The only thing I can imagine would be better than being a vendor at Clover Market is being a shopper!

--Carly Marks, CarlyMarly Designs 

The anticipation of a Clover weekend is unbelievably exciting. Preparing takes an entire week with cleaning the wares and loading the truck. We arrive at the break of dawn with an over abundance of antiques and scramble for the next three hours to set the stage and create an enticing environment. At 9:45 we still have 50 items left to price, 6 boxes to unload, the booth is already full with people claiming items. At 10:00 our sales desk is not entirely set up, the full boxes have to be shoved in the back and we have given up on pricing everything because we have a line of people with loaded arms and the game called Clover has begun!

This remarkable show has managed to develop and maintain and grow into an anticipated event for vendors and customers alike. It is carefully curated so quality is exceptionally high. The level of talent is unparalleled for this type of venue. At the end of the show we are exhausted beyond belief, our truck is much emptier and we gleefully go home to count our money.  I only have high praise for this show and for the remarkable energy, talent and vision of Janet Long. As a Mainliner I think is does wonders for the neighborhood. The testament to this is that other event planners actually make sure to pick another weekend!

--Sabine Illias and Allison Ector, Nannygoat Antiques 

I have been a vendor at almost all the Clover Markets and this market remains one of my best from both an operational and a financial standpoint. Janet does a spectacular job marketing the events and follows through with seamless day-of execution. I look forward each season to participating as the Clover Market just keep getting better and better. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of its success!!!

--Tanna Paradis, Love.Honor.Upcycle 

As a vendor, Clover Market is hands down the most well-run show with which my business has been involved. Communication is frequent and clear prior to the event, and the team makes drive-in and set up so easy. The organizers' love for what they do is evident -- this passion has created something really incredible. Each show is perfectly curated, which -- as a vendor -- is super important. This expert curation brings in tons of customers, making Clover Markets among my best selling shows of the year.

-- Kim Shrack, Manayunk Calligraphy

I've been a vendor at many other craft events that are similar in size, but none has compared to Clover Market.  The attention to detail and care that Janet and her staff provide is unbelievable, and it's always a pleasure to be selling there.  Clover Market has become an iconic market in our area and I am extremely proud to be a small part of it!

--Nelle Deemig Bush, Nelle Bush Bags

I have participated in the Clover Market as an antique dealer for 4 seasons. I love these events!! They are recreational family fun--free to the public. They offer families an opportunity to spend time together, and an opportunity to learn together---to be exposed to artisan quality handmade items from different cultures, to learn history through antique and vintage items, to interact in a community setting w/interesting people. On the business side, the event invigorates downtown business areas and re-introduces people to the merchandise and services available.

--Sue Ehlenberger, Yankee Girl Antiques

I wanted to let you know I had an amazing day yesterday! Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of your incredible show - can't wait for Bryn Mawr! --Kim Shrack, Manayunk Calligraphy

Clover Market is one of few markets in the area that consistently draws a solid amount of interesting and interested people. It is an important market for us, not only as a revenue stream, but as a way to reach a key demographic outside of Philadelphia. We love that we can connect with like minded customers who are there, not only to shop for the great goods to be had, but to try out some interesting food stuff. 

-- Mark Capriotti, ReAnimator Coffee

I just wanted to write you real quick to say thank you for another fantastic event. Getting face to face feedback from the customers that the Clover Market draws has been invaluable in developing my product line. On top of the customers who come to the market, I also love being a vendor because of the quality standard Janet holds for the products being sold. It's much more selective than other shows I've participated in, and it is always organized. Love participating as a vendor at Clover!   

--Margi Patneaude, TinyWild

In the three years that we have been a vendor at Clover Market, we have had nothing but positive experiences. Phea jean, our handmade clothing and accessory business is based out of South Philadelphia. Participating in the Clover Market has given us exposure to a whole new clientele, many of whom follow us from show to show. We have never experienced a market with such a loyal following. And really, you can't blame them! All of the vendors present such quality work and professionally merchandised booths. As a vendor we find it inspiring. 

On the other side of vending, Janet and her faithful crew are second to none. There is no way to communicate what a relief it is to have a show that is well planned and ORGANIZED! We all know our spaces, where to park, all the vital information  well in advance. You can always find someone if an issue arises or you have a question. The crew is pleasant and helpful, and they make our lives much easier! We appreciate them so much. 

Participating in the Clover Market has  impacted our business in nothing but positive ways. We have even gotten sales directly from the promotion through social media that Janet goes above and beyond to post and coordinate! 

Clover Market has also afforded us the opportunity to meet and speak with local brick and mortar shops in the areas the market is held and has  opened the door for other business opportunities!  We look forward to each and every market we do with Clover and consider ourselves fortunate to be chosen each time. Not only do we look forward to vending, we also look forward to shopping- it’s the best market so support other small businesses like ours.

--Amber Zaraza, phea jean

Clover Market is one of the events that we really look forward to every spring and fall.  Janet has managed to bring together a collection of vintage and hand crafted quality items that she carefully chooses every season. We are honored to be part of this amazing group. This market is filled with creativity, heart and soul and that is what has made Clover Market so special to so many.

--Kristi Payton, Payton Jewelry Design

Clover Market is a very well curated collection of handmade designs and special finds. It's pleasant locations and friendly vibe draw curiosity seekers from near and far in search of the unique. It is an enjoyable day for everyone.  I was so impressed with how well organized and successful the Market was. I really did appreciate the mix of products which drew both the antiques and furniture crowd as well as the art and craft customers. I felt the curation broadening the impact for vendors without too much of the same competition. It felt very relaxed and manageable for the customers, vendors and neighborhoods as well. It was truly a pleasant and successful day! Thank again for having Mushmina.

--Katie O'Neill, Mushmina

Priya Means Love vends at dozens of markets per year, and Clover Market is really something special -- a market that's reliably high quality and beautifully curated, that therefore attracts crowds of regular customers.  It's so excellent that we drive up from Baltimore for it!

--Priya Narasimhan, Priya Means Love

I've done arts festivals, craft shows and street fairs with my work, then I found Clover Market. It's more than a flea market. It is the BEST of an arts fest, craft show, street fair. Clover Market customers may come to the event for the first time with the intention of finding something vintage and discover something "new". I make collectable sculptures that include recycled/repurposed elements. I fall into the "Affordable Art" category of Clover Market vendors. I have so many new collectors that have discovered my work at Clover Markets. My work fits with the style of the show, lucky finds. The customers are lucky and I am too, lucky to be included.

--Mary-Lynne Moffatt, Mary-Lynne Moffatt Art

Fabulous Market yesterday, great weather, wonderful customers as usual and I sold, sold, sold!  Being part of Clover Market has been a great experience for me. It has a very friendly, relaxing atmosphere. It is a very organized event, which I feel caters to both the vendor and customer...and my daughter has become part of my business which makes doing this show even more fabulous!

--Cindi Berrer, Queenie's Junktique

I started in business in 1988 with blown glass. I did a show a weekend for almost 8 years! It was exhausting to say the least. Even if I repeated the same shows year after year, they were never consistent.  I stopped for about 10 years and started up again with my jewelry/ vintage bottle top items. When I visited my first Clover Market as a customer, and saw the chosen artists/vendors and the eclectic quality of the market, I told myself I want to be a part of that show! I applied and got in. Every other show should be run even half as competently as The Clover Market! The quality of vendors, food and entertainment is always top notch. Plus, and most importantly, the advertising for the shows and the crowds are always consistent. I am going into my 4th season of doing the markets and they have never let me down! Whatever Janet and her hard working crew are doing, they are doing it right! And it does not go unnoticed… at least not by me! Thanks!!

--Esther Cohen-Eskin, Creations By Esther

Being part of Clover Market is like being part of a large, supportive, creative family. Janet Long is wonderful at making everyone feel special and important. She is amazing at getting the brand and info out there on social media and all other types of media. The day of the show loading in and loading out always runs so seamlessly that you would think her and her lovely staff did it every day of the week. I always get tons of compliments, from the customers and visitors, about how amazing the show is and what a great group of artisans are present. Hands down the best show I have ever been part of.

--Laura McCann, rabbits feathers & bone

We love our customers, as they have become our friends. We have established a lot of relationships with other vendors and we love seeing them at events. We applied to Clover Market on a whim having no clue what we were getting into.  It's definitely been an asset to our business.

--Amy Jaros, Shutters and Sand

The atmosphere at the Clover Market was so positive and upbeat. The quality of the merchandise being sold was a reflection of the organizer’s commitment to art and antiques. Thank you for offering a shopping experience far different than the mall or the chain stores!

--Molly Andrews Burke, Chairloom 

I own a brick and mortar in Northeast PA and also participate in nearly 40 craft shows or markets a year. The Clover Markets have been one of my most favorite events as a vendor (and a shopper!). The carefully selected mix of vintage, handmade and antiques has made this market one of the most sought after markets for both vendors and shoppers.  I have many customers travel from my home town (two hours each way) to attend the Clover Markets and shop and dine in the towns where the markets are taking place. The show is incredibly well organized, marketed and attended.  

--Lyn Carey, Earth and Wears 

The marketing and exposure you provide makes it a no-brainer for us, and we have more than made up the cost at every market!

--Allison Ector, Nannygoat Antiques

The Chestnut Hill location is so perfect!  Very unusual to have a site that both vendors and customers love! Easy set up/ clean up, enough room and not cramped as a vendor and the customers love visiting the local restaurants and shops after shopping at Clover. The town has so much to offer a customer after the show that it makes Chestnut Hill a destination experience!  Thanks again for the perfectly organized event!  --Barb Thompson, Shecre8s

My sister and I have been buying and selling antiques and collectibles for many years and have been involved in many events and we ALWAYS look forward to the Clover shows because we know they have been marketed to the right people who come to the events ready to buy. Logistically, it is always the easiest load in and out of any other show. Simply put, our business wouldn't have grown to where we are today if we hadn't been selling at the Clover Market that Janet has created.

--Jan Cohen, The MidCentury Sisters

For a brief moment, I left my jewelry table to grab some lunch and found it very hard to get back to my booth. Clover Market had so many exceptional artists and antiques dealers that I wanted to shop as much as sell. Unlike other shows I do, it has an intimate feel, almost like a French market and the staff is beyond warm and friendly.

--Denise Weiss, VoXevangeline

I have been a Clover Market vendor since it began several years ago. I sell my art and jewelry at a variety of local shows, and Clover is one of my favorites because it is so well organized and well-attended. It is obvious that a lot of attention is given to making sure that the vendors are all high-quality and that there is a good mix of art, jewelry, clothing, bath products, and vintage vendors. There are many shows that I have tried once as a vendor but have never returned to because of poor planning, the acceptance of vendors who resell low-quality mass-produced goods, lack of promotion, and low attendance, but I keep coming back to Clover Market because none of those things have ever been a problem. I can’t recommend it enough, either as a vendor or a shopper!

--Jen McCleary, Jen McCleary Art & Design

So many things I love about the Clover Market!  The jurying, the merchandise assortment, the smoothness of check in, the heavy advertising, the number of events and the aesthetic appeal. The majority of the time I want to walk around but can't and that's a good problem to have.  Clover Market has been great for my business!

--Lauren Siegel, LAUREN

I had a fantastic experience selling my self-sewn clothing at the Clover Market. Your carefully curated vendor mix attracts a curious demographic with spending money and the enthusiasm to browse. Any smart community should jump at the chance to host your Market. I used to have to juggle applications and site work for the Collingswood Farmer's Market. I know it's not magic—it's the MANAGEMENT! I can really appreciate your hard work.

--Betsy Cook, National Picnic Clothing

What I enjoy most about Clover Market is it's seamless organization. As someone who does a lot of markets, I find many can be confusing in regards to vendor placement, loading in/out, parking, what to bring, etc. This is not the case with this market. The communication between the vendors and staff is so clear and the amount of thought that goes into the curation and placement of the vendors make this market a joy to do each and every time. The customers that shop this market are also so amazing and supportive of everything we do. Janet does a superb job in her endeavors to make this market one of the best in the region.

--Morgan Jamison, Old Blood Designs 

As a vendor it has been great to have customers being introduced to different ways to recycle vintage silverware and other things. And to introduce this generation of market-goers to the wonders of how real vintage linens and textiles can be used as home decor and as the beauty of it.    

--Marie Lysionek, The Shabby Chic Garden 

Clover Market has filled a unique niche, bridging the gap between vintage, up-cycled and handmade! I've been exposed to so many new customers who I otherwise would never have met and it's great when they return market after market to see what new items I have.

--Shelly Rabuse, STUDIO 27

I am always excited to be part of the Clover Market. As a vendor, it is one of the most organized and supportive shows I do. I am always amazed at the talent that I see each time and also of the kindness of the other vendors, whether that is lending a hand, lending a tool that perhaps I forgot or just taking the time to introduce themselves. I truly don't find this atmosphere at many other shows. It is not about competition but community! From the organizers to the vendors to the great customers, this is a very unique and special show that I am proud to be a part of! 

--Diane Goldberg, Vintage Threads Design

I like vending at your shows because I love the mixture of the antiques and crafts.  I have vended shows since the 80's (retail and wholesale) and I love yours because of the antiques. My business has grown in a different way because of the new focus of the vintage look is so popular. Back in the 80's, there weren’t any craft shows mixed with vintage.  Personally, the typical craft shows are kind of boring to me now! 

--Nancy Horowitz, Nancy Anne Designs

Our company is based in Newtown, Bucks County. We thought the Clover Market would be a perfect way to reach out to our target audience. We do not have typical 'flea market' fare- we have a more upscale inventory, with vintage items reupholstered & refurbished.  The Market had customers looking for (and buying) all of those things. Janet helped to initiate us into the world of Clover with a "can-do" attitude (she has been trying to get the Market up & running for quite some time). She has a positive, friendly approach and a healthy dose of humor. We can't wait to get back...we'll be bringing a lot more inventory next time around.

--Christine Edmonds, trove décor

I love having the opportunity to talk to my customers about my products.  All my products are hands-on and personal, it hard to smell a soap through the computer. Clover Market brings a diverse audience and the customers that have purchased from me in the past come looking for me again.  Their input and support keep my company growing and inspire me to come up with new ideas.  As a vendor the market always runs smoothly no matter what the weather brings us.

--Renee Begere, Lotus8 

As a long time vendor, I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback as to why Clover Market is so special.  I really think it has to do with the true spirit of community that Clover Market inspires.  But I have found that this "community" comes in many shapes and sizes.... 

There is (of course) the local customers. They live in the neighborhood and are so elated to see a creative event like Clover Market right in their backyard. They are so appreciative AND curious AND filled with wonder that an event of such high caliber has "chosen" their neighborhood as a market location. They are actually beaming with pride that their community is hosting your event!  We are so thankful for their generous, complimentary spirit. Their enthusiasm is truly contagious! Obviously, the Clover Market is a special treat for the local residents -- it's truly a fun day for all who attend.

And then there are the far away customers -- people who come for the treasure hunt!  Many are loyal Clover Market followers who are also filled with curiosity, and often have never shopped in the neighborhood before. They are always asking us vendors for recommendations for where to dine and where to shop for this and that.  And we always do our best to give recommendations for the local brick and mortar shops and restaurants. Not only are they exploring the Market, they are also exploring the neighborhood. It's part of their day's adventure!

Speaking of the brick and mortar stores -- I have developed great relationships with many store owners. As you know, I am a vendor who sells merchandise to boutiques as part of my day-to-day business. I have had tremendous success meeting business owners through Clover Market. They browse the market and are inspired by the fresh and creative booth displays and unique product assortment. So now I have store owners who have become regular customers. Outside of Clover Market days, I visit with them by appointment and they browse my inventory, making selections to sell in their local brick and mortar shops. At the last market, I even supplied a local restaurant owner with many pieces of vintage glassware to use as serving pieces. And I'm now on the lookout for some of his specific requests.  It's going to become another continuing partnership between vendor/store owner. And it's a real win/win for both of us!

And lastly, the sense of community and that "I've got your back" attitude between vendors is amazing. There is very little competitive spirit. More love and adoration of each other's artistic nature. Yes, we will watch each other's booth while someone visits the restroom, but we will also recommend another booth to a customer who is looking for that perfect vintage/handmade piece. We will help each other set up if someone is having a tricky time with their pop-up tent.  But we also keep in touch with each other via email/social media and over a cup of coffee or two in between show dates. In fact, I recently partnered with 3 other Clover Market vendors to do our own "pop-up shop" during Clover Market's off-season. These other vendors have become friends and teammates. Clover Market has really (and in some examples -- accidentally, I imagine) created COMMUNITY. It's really been a pleasure. So thank you!  That's more than I expected to receive from paying for my booth rental fee! :)  See you at the next show! 

--Cara Herrmann, Salvation Nation

And a few kind words from our Community Partners:

The Main Line Art Center has been fortunate to be a part of Clover since the beginning.  When we plan out our yearly schedule of community events we want to be a part of, Clover Market is just a given.  Janet does an amazing job of attracting high-quality vendors, and boy do the crowds come out!  Clover is just the perfect place for us to connect with families in our community, and we so appreciate being a part of it!

--Rachel Ammon, Communications Director, Main Line Art Center 

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to support the Clover Market this past weekend. Our craft booth was busy all day and we had meaningful conversations and interactions with a great many people. Children and their parents responded with enthusiasm and curiosity to the wet-felting project; the tactile nature of the craft was unusual to them and the soapy-sudsy water was perfect for such a hot day. Best of all was the energy and vibe. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the wonderful array of artisans and crafters that you had organized, and the weather could not have been more perfect.

The Clover Market is a wonderful opportunity for Chestnut Hill and for the surrounding community. I hope very much that it continues and that you will consider The Waldorf School of Philadelphia for future fairs, both Chestnut Hill and in your other locations. Thank you once again for the opportunity.

(Update from April 2015): This past weekend we made over 100 children’s crafts - we actually ran out of craft materials at 3.00 p.m. and could have made so many more! Children and parents were happy and smiling. I met many people who were visiting Chestnut Hill for the first time because of the Clover Market and can only imagine that this is a good thing for local businesses. Hats off to you and your volunteers. The event ran without a hitch. We hope to be invited back. Bravo!

--Alexandra Borders, Director of Admissions, The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

The Clover Market has been a wonderful opportunity for The Handwork Studio. It provides us the opportunity to connect with wonderful families that might be looking for camps and programs focused around the arts. The event is amazingly organized and totally buttoned up. Set-up was easy and Janet and her Clover Market team are so pleasant and committed to designing and hosting an inspiring and seamless event. We can't wait to be a vendor again!

--Megan, The Handwork Studio

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