Licenses & Permits

What Licenses & Taxes Are Required?

For Bryn Mawr PA (Lower Merion Twp.) Vendors:

Note that the license may take several months to recieve - just submit paperwork when accepted (they are not inspected at the event).  Please note at the top of the form that you are a "Clover Market" vendor and direct any questions to the Twp. at 610-645-6142.  

For Chestnut Hill PA & Winter Market (Philly) Vendors:

Vendors conducting business in Philly (for Clover Market or ANY other event or show) for more than 2 days (which "constitutes conducting business in Philadelphia") are required to:

  • Get a Business Tax Account Number - apply online, number mailed immediately
  • Get a Commercial Activity license ($0 fee) - apply online, emailed immediately
  • Print and mail the one page Business Tax Return for Trade Show Vendors.  Here is the 2014 Form and 2015 Form, and the 2016 Form. (There is a $50K exclusion on gross receipts in 2014, $75K in 2015, $100K in 2016.)  The DOR advises that forms be submitted within 30 days of your last show in Philly or by April 15 to avoid penalty.

Please direct any questions to the Philly Dep't of Revenue at or to Dana (214-686-6448), the tax specialist who handles temp trade show vendors.

For Collingswood Vendors:

NJ law requires that all vendors, even temporary for shows and events complete a Busieness Registration, obtain a NJ Sales Tax Certificate (Form CA-1) and collect and submit all sales tax on sales of taxable tangible property.  To do this: 

Fill out and fax or mail in the form:

  • Fill out PAPER NJ-Reg Form (Business Reg). 
  • Fax it to 609-292-4291 or mail to the address on the form. 
  • IF you mail your form (slowest option), we recommend you track your package and keep a copy for your records.  
  • You will be mailed a NJ Sales Tax Certificate (Form CA-1) 
  • Follow up to 609-292-9292 x1 if you have any issues receiving it.

OR...even faster, you can fill out the ONLINE Application (new info June '16)

  • Click “Get Started”.  On the next page, select your business type, then continue to fill everything out until you are finished with the form.
  • The final page of the website will congratulate you on being a registered business in NJ and provide links to print out the certificate.  
  • The tax documents will be emailed to you within 48 hrs
  • Collect and submit sales tax on all sales of taxable tangible property

The Certificate MUST be displayed in your booth and state tax collectors may onsite to inspect.  As the forms may take up to 6 weeks to process if sent by mail, so please submit paperwork as soon as you are confirmed. Quarterly sales tax returns will be submitted until you end tax registration with the state.

Please direct any questions on the form - or followups if you need to check status of your application- to the Business Registration Line at 609-292-9292 x1.  You can also view more info on the tax requirements for craft vendors here.

For ALL Food Vendors: Liability Insurance

All food vendors must have liability insurance with coverage of no less than $1 Million per incident to address any potential food-related claims. Your policy should name Clover Market LLC & Santander Bank NA (if you are participating in the Bryn Mawr location) as an additional insured. Updated COI's must be emailed no later than 3 weeks prior to your first vending date to theclovermarket(at)  Additional information will be provided when vendor acceptances are emailed.

For Philadelphia Food Vendors (Chestnut Hill, Winter Market)

All food vendors (trucks + tented vendors) must have:

  • Motor Vehicle or Pushcart License (#3279 or #3280) - Jan 1 renewal
  • Non-Perm Food/Special Events License (#3112) - April 30 renewal
  • OR Temporary Food Service Permit (<3 events/year) OR Permanent Special Event Permit (4+ events) - for all tented vendors
  • Adhere to all Philadelphia Health Department regulations 

Permits will be uploaded in the application if you already have them or must be emailed to to theclovermarket(at) no later than 3 weeks prior to vending. Vendors may be inspected in the morning of the event.  

For Collingswood NJ Food Vendors - (Camden County)

All food vendors (trucks + tented vendors) must have:

  • Mobile Vendor Application ($75/event OR $50 Annual- inspections will be conducted the day of the event but all paperwork must be submitted no later than 1 week in advance. Annual permit holders can also get their inspections completed prior to the event.)  
  • Note: the annual license is also accepted in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem, Vineland & Cape May counties.
  • Previously licensed local restaurants must submit Health Dept paperwork (no fee).
  • Open Flame/Type 1 Permit ($42 fee/event): required with open flame or propane tank. Inspections will be conducted in the morning of the event by the Collingswood Fire Dept., around 930 AM.  NOTE: fire suppression systems are required of all food trucks conducting heating/cooking & an open flame is not allowed under any tents.
  • Adhere to the Camden County/NJ Health Department regulations.

A placard for the Health Dept license will be given after inspection the day of the event for all single day permits. 

Permits can be uploaded in the application if you already have them or will be emailed to theclovermarket(at) no later than 3 weeks prior to vending. Vendors with the one time permit will be inspected in the morning of to the event.  

Please direct any questions to Matt Grochowski, Camden County Dept of Health. (856-374-6052) or the Collingswood Fire Dept (856-665-0774).

Bryn Mawr Food Vendors - (Montgomery County PA)

ALL food vendors must follow the MontCo Temporary Food Facility Guidelines 

  • Food truck: Participating 4+ days/year: fill out Plan Review Packet $215 (one time fee) + $240 annual license 
  • Tented food vendor:  Participating 4+ days/year: fill out Temp Food Service License ($130) for each event 
  • Adhere to the Montgomery County Health Dept Regulations.

Montgomery County does not conduct inspections at events.

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